Category A Insurance
We carry out all insurance jobs as per the requirement of the insurer and by the client’s mandate. After a disaster takes place we immediately start working on the site.
The process usually involves securing the site>uplifting salvage>transporting cargo>warehousing >complete clean up to site >handing over.
1. We cover goods in transit
1.1 Uplift cargo from site e.g. accident scene
1.2 Clean-up site
1.3 Cargo damaged due to rain is water seeped through tarp etc.
1.4 Cargo which moved while in transit is moved from pallets and placed over into the vehicle

2. We cover Agri claims
2.1 Animal feed claims
2.2 Irrigation and watering system claims
2.3 Agricultural related equipment and machinery claims
2.4 Fruit and vegetable claims
2.5 Fertilizer claims
2.6 Grain wheat sugar maize and associated commodity claims

3. We cover Industrial claims
3.1 Production claims
3.2 Machinery and equipment claims
3.3 Raw material claims

4. We cover Commercial and Corporate claims
4.1 Retail outlets
4.2 Chain store salvage management and upliftment
4.3 Warehousing and distribution companies
4.4 Factories
4.5 Engineering workshops and similar service providers
4.6 All retail wholesale distribution manufacturing related claims

5. We cover Marine claims
5.1 Soiled cargo in the port or on vessel
5.2 Cargo damaged while being shipped
5.3 Cargo mishandled

Category B Insurance
Retail/Wholesale/Manufacturing supply chain
We offer a complete disposition of consumer packaged goods which become available after disasters. We have a reseller network that takes distressed parcels and sells them at discounted prices to astute buyers. The reseller network is supported by selected shop outlets that target consumers.
We also offer a complete brand protection programme whereby we debrand prior to moving stock forward.
Through these reseller outlets, we are regularly buying and selling canned food, commodities, cosmetics, FMCG, household products, personal care products, tissue products, salvage repo furniture, salvage, and repo electronics.

Here, our specialized salvage solutions will handle:
1. Product overrun
2. Cancelled orders
3. End of line products
4. Insurance claims
5. Redundant stocks
6. Confiscated consumer goods
7. Bulk warehouse clearances
8. Liquidated merchandise
9. Raw materials
10. Closeouts
11. Purchased shelf pulls
12. Returns
13. Overstock



Category C warehousing
We offer complete warehousing with a loading and distribution facility.
Through our free social programme, we collect and distribute cargo that is donated and for the sake of evidence, we provide photos, videos, and paperwork for all jobs that have been carried out.
We have long-standing ties with:
1. Animal feed industry – to reprocess specific items for related usage
2. Paper and waste recyclers
3. Packaging and plastic recyclers
4. Steel and scrap merchants and exporters


Why go anywhere else.





We believe in safety, applied ingenuity and absolute devotion in service to our customers. So, whatever the cause of your loss might be, whether hail, wind, water or fire we have got you covered.